Grey/Tint Transform

Perhaps a good starting point is to add colour to a mono image which you have already transformed. Take a look at the PWP white paper ‘Colorize.pdf.’. This covers many ways to add colour to a mono image. Perhaps the most powerful is the tint transform.


This transform can produce delicate or gaudy effects, and I leave it up to your imagination. Many of the effects described later under the colour curves transform can be achieved by using this transform on the transformed mono image. A couple of points to note

This image shows the effect of the transform on the final mono image above. Note that the colours were chosen to show the effect, not because I believe they work well. I’ve added a control point, changed the bars to step centre and have all 3 colour wheel windows open. The transform has been widened. It’s often interesting to pick white as one of your colours.



This has produced a bright, garish image that could be a final point – or be used as input into the color curves transform.