HSV Colour Space Adjustments


HSV splits the image into 3 channels H, S and V. Each is independent of each other so can be adjusted in isolation without fear of changing something else that you are happy with. In contrast, if you change want to change brightness in RGB, all 3 channels must be adjusted. Just changing one channel in RGB causes the overall image colour to change.

My general order for adjusting these is V, S and then H. Fine tune as necessary afterwards. Apply the changes cumulatively not in isolation. As you will see in the workflow suggestions, I recommend saving any interesting possibilities that you create, then later carry out some fine tuning. If you find the colours obtrusive whilst adjusting V, temporarily reduce S (saturation) to 0 while you adjust V.


You will find that having worked through the monochrome manipulations that the V and S channels are simple and straightforward. However the H (colour) channel can b a little less clear, partly because of the high number of possibilities and partly because all the effects in it are dependant on the previous two adjustments.