Many thanks to Ray for letting me use his Harley for the shoot. I originally asked him so that I could experiment with the technique, believing that the Harley would lend itself well to the technique. I had no idea that it would be so successful or spawn this article. Some of the prints I generated from the session and subsequent manipulations now adorn the Ďhog shedí


Thanks also to Den for suggesting the article and agreeing to help and criticise. I have been a great admirer of Denís work with PWP over the years and have benefited greatly from the detailed work that he has put into getting the most out of PWP. His 3 tone process is just one example. I always learn a lot when he chips in on the PWP forum to answer someoneís question, as I think do most of us. This article has benefited greatly from his constructive comments and helpful ideas. Thanks Den!


To my family Ė my long suffering wife Shelley who has become a computer widow in the evenings (better than a golfing widow, at least I am at home). Also to my kids who see me working on the computer, but have little idea what Iím doing Ė except that Iím not playing with them.


Finally thanks to Jonathan and Kiril for producing such an excellent product. PWP is flexible, fast and versatile. Itís reliable and simple to use, while having the power to produce results second to none.